Responsibility and organisation

Use of the organisation model pursuant to Italian law no. 231 regarding the Administrative responsibilities of companies and organisation, management and control models.


Voice of the consumer.

Creation of the “Voice Of The Consumer” project: a study on the habits and expectations of our clients regarding Consumer products.

The creation of MySac.

Creation of the whole MySac product range.


Open minded Company

The most serious economic crisis of these last decades tested almost every industrial sector. Sacme used new strategic lines, opened up to new markets, the company looked towards new horizons.


Even bigger!

Isochemicals Srl was established: additives and gas for expanded plastic material. A company active in the European and non-European panorama.


New company developments.

Sacme’s governance strengthens with the creation of the holding company Disma Holding Srl, which holds 63% of Sacme Spa’s capital.


Fourth expansion.

Dimap Srl was established: plastic materials for sport.

University Partnership.

Sacme has always invested in research and development, and is continually in contact with Padua University in order to develop projects for perfecting new products, reorganising the company, strengthening marketing and rationalising logistics.


Sacme, a Certified Company!

Sacme started a renewal process that led to quality, safety, ethical and environment certification.


A new production site

Construction of the production and management site in Molina di Malo. New and modern production plants are housed in an area of 40,000 metres.

Compounding developed from this change.


Sacme, a Public Company!

The Eighties are years of further investments: expansion of the sales networks and new production plants.

Fide Srl, the control holding company of Deroma Spa, grants the majority of Sacme shares to its associates. Sacme becomes a Public Company with a modern governance.


The turning point!

Sacme reacts to the first oil crisis of the previous year. Eight employees enter the company structure, massive investments in regeneration plants are made leading to the production of more suitable plastic granules. The company begins marketing plastic materials.


Sacme develops from the idea of Giacomo Grendene.

The plastic boom began in the North-East. The company dyes plastic material to be used for moulding.

Share capital payments of Deroma Spa. Sacme begins producing polyethylene bags for industrial use. New premises are opened as a result of the growth in production.